Inspired by nature.

Bello's engineers introduce the natural water cycle into your home dispenser to offer you the purest mineral water.   

Any water input




Fill your external tank or connect to the tap

Water comes from surfaces of the earth such as lakes, oceans, and vegetation. 

Our system evaporates the water and leaves impurities behind

The vapor rises into the atmosphere and leaves impurities behind.

Condenses pure fresh water into the

3 liter tank

Vapor condenses into rain or snow in clouds, and falls back to the Earth's surface as precipitation.

Charge the water with essential minerals and flavors 

The water collates into rivers and lakes, and runs through layers of mineralized rocks.



your water dispenser

The Bello Home is a water purification system providing pure and personalized water whilst actively supporting the anti-plastic bottle movement.

The operation of the machine is inspired by nature and recreates the natural water cycle

(evaporation> condensation> mineralization) in order to obtain the best drinking water for our customers. The water is purified by an innovative distillation process which removes 99.9% of the contaminants by converting it into vapor. The vapor is then condensed and enriched with essential minerals from your personalized cartridges (supports 200 liters per cartridge).

The customizable cartridges offer different levels of mineralization, and flavors according

to your needs and desires. The empty cartridges are then collected and reused after being treated.

Step 1 - Purify your water

Remove 99.9% of contaminants 

Heavy metals: Lead, mercury, arsenic, manganese, nickel, zinc 

Viruses & bacteria : E(scherichia)-coli

Chemicals: Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, nitrates

Chlorine: remove the taste and odor

No filters, no need for replacements

Distillation systems do not need replacements. To ensure optimal efficiency of the system, maintenance is recommended only every 6 months.

Pure water production -  1 liter per hour

Range of water temperatures — 8 to 20 degrees

Or 24 liters per day. An internal 3 liter tank of purified water provides water for the whole family at all times.

Choose the temperature of the water you prefer, from cold to warm.

Dimensions : 25.4 cm (W) x 25.5 cm (L) x 30.4 cm (H)

Weight : 6 kg


Step 2 - Enhance your water

Select cartridge and the level of mineralization you need

Up to three cartridges at the same time

At any time, you have three possibilities to choose the water that suits you. 

Up to 200L of personalized water per cartridge


Medium mineralization


Low mineralization


High mineralization

Mineral cartridges

The customizable cartridges offer different levels of minerals and flavors. The Intense cartridge is highly concentrated and helps your body to recover electrolytes and minerals lost from a workout.  The Pure cartridge is amazing for daily hydration and makes it possible to obtain great-tasting pure water. Bello recovers used, old cartridges and recycles them to make new cartridges for the market.  


Morning kick

Balanced water with delicious taste, and the essential minerals that your body needs.

All day

Pure and light water with excellent taste — perfect for any occasion. Hydrate and take care of your body.
Mg : 10 mg/l
Ca : 28 mg/l
Po : 4 mg/l
So : 8 mg/l


Active water that re-energizes your body with extra electrolytes, helping your body's recovery.

Flavored cartridges

The flavored cartridges work exactly like mineral cartridges; they will be composed of essential minerals and natural flavors. 

They are currently in development and your opinion is important to us.

Tell us what you want :

Active elements

Buy your reusable bottle

Since the very first day at Bello, we have been fighting the plastic bottle. We have since sold over 300 reusable bottles to friends, families, and anti-plastic supporters.

Today, our bottles not only helps us to finance the development of Bello Home, but $1 is also donated to an anti-plastic NGO, per bottle purchase.

Tell us how you drink

Bello Solutions asks for your help to save the planet from plastic bottle pollution. To thank you, we are drawing 5 participants who will receive our reusable bottles. This survey is about our innovative water purifier and is approximately 2 minutes in length.

Show us interest
By completing the questionnaire, you will help us to move forward in our project. We want to know if our water dispenser suits your needs. 
It's also imperative for us to be able to measure your interest.
Your information will remain private.

We Believe that we shouldn't have to choose between what's healthy for our body and sustainable for the planet. 

The bello family

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