Finnally, an healthy water 

at home.

bello, make your own water   

Wait, what is bello ?

bello have one objective, create the healthiest water for you, all day, everyday.


bello purify your tap water and enhance your drinks with essential minerals and way more. 

Questions ? We've got the answer.

Can I buy a bello home now ?

Not yet, we are working on the bello Home since a year. We are really impatient to let you try our our different water. But, you can pre-order the belloHome for 100$ or/and book a testing meeting with us to try our water.

What is healthy water ?

According the World Health Organization, a healthy water should at least be pure (without contaminants) and contain essential minerals like magnesium and calcium. At bello we believe that this is not enough. We think that your water should suit your lifestyle and that you always should enjoy drinking your water too !

How efficient is the bello Home filter ?

This is really important for us because everyone on earth should have access to a safe water. Our filter is extremely performant, 18 times more performant than a standard water pitcher according to the number of particules measured after filtration. More than 75 usual contaminant are remove with our filtration technology.

When should I change the pods ?

Each cartridge can produce 50 liters of personalized water. The cartridges are transparent, and there is a reason, it allows you to see when the cartridge is empty. For a normal utilization it is approximately 200 glass of water or 2 months. Our personal technology injects in our pure water the exact amount of minerals, flavors or vitamins your body needs.

Why we started bello ?

Bello began with one simple idea : enable anyone to create their own healthy mineral and vitamin water at home. When everywhere in the world the tap water quality become an issue we have for mission to say NO! the plastic bottle is not the alternative.

What is our story ?

We are Marc & Clement, we created bello after our engineer degree in Canada. We was desperate to have to have to choose between the bottled water and our tap water that was contaminated by lead. So we decided to create a system able to turn tap water into not only safe but healthiest water at home.

We Believe that we shouldn't have to choose between what's healthy for our body and sustainable for the planet. 

The bello family

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