Reusable bottle

A huge impact for only $15


goes to charity

For every bottle purchase, $1 goes to a charity organization.

Save the planet 

By having a reusable bottle over single-use plastic bottles, you make the first step in reducing your environmental footprint.

Help us to move forward

All proceeds of the bottles go to the development of our water dispenser.

drink it better

Receive one of many free reusable bottles

Our bottle initiative attempts to inspire others to drive global change, whilst funding us to develop our innovative home dispenser.

For the chance to win a Bello bottle, click and answer the following survey.

We will send you updates of our contest and only the essential Bello product news and offers.


New shipments of our glass bottle are coming soon

We Believe that we shouldn't have to choose between what's healthy for our body and sustainable for the planet. 

The bello family

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